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Butchers Food Safety Management System (HACCP based) ©

It is a legal requirement for all butchers premises to have a written food safety management system based on the principles of HACCP, which stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point.

After months of research and development work SFBB Systems Ltd have launched a new food safety management system for retail butchers called Butchers Food Safety Management System (HACCP based) ©. Released in the autumn of 2010 the new pack and its bespoke coaching plan are set to revolutionise the way butchers consider and approach their HACCP responsibilities.

The pack has been tested across a wide range of butchers’ premises in partnership with Local Authority food safety teams. Many of these butchers have historically struggled with their requirement to have HACCP systems in place and their reactions to the new system are typically reflected in the following comment:

‘ The task of producing a HACCP for our business seems a whole lot easier now; if we had been offered something earlier that was this straight forward, and well presented, we would have completed our HACCP a long time ago. You have lifted a weight off our shoulders by providing us with a system that is easy to set up and tailor to our business. The Coaching support and the Safety Points raised in the pack have made us re-consider the way we work and we are in the process of making several changes that will ensure we have a safer, stronger business. Our Food Safety Officer will be delighted.’

(Busters Farm Produce, East Sussex - September 2010).

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