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Butchers Food Safety Management System (HACCP based) ©

What is in the Pack?

Butchers Food Safety Management System (HACCP based) © offers a completely new approach to HACCP for butchers. It is based on the recognised and trusted Food Standard Agency’s Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) format but reintroduces elements of a more formal documented HACCP system. The industry consultations that have followed the Pennington, and other focus groups, reports have also strongly influenced the packs structure and guidance.

The pack contains:

  • 28 new Food Safety Rule sheets covering specific activities and procedures commonly practiced in today’s butchers’ shops – e.g. vacuum packing and over-wrapping, the use of additives and preservatives, sausage making, curing and smoking, preparation, cooking and baking off etc.
  • Specific and prescriptive Hazards and Guidance that identify the hazards of cross contamination, poor separation, ineffective cooling, ineffective cleaning etc.
  • Highlighted Food Safety Rules requiring critical controls and set limits.
  • Prove it records using identity tables and plotting graphs to verify Food Safety Rules and their controls are effective.
  • A separate Daily Records booklet with a pre-determined template that includes monitoring of time / temperature, traceability, animal by product log, Opening and Closing checks, an element of exception reporting and a daily management sign off.
  • A regular Review and Audit process to ensure Food Safety Rules, critical controls and established limits are in place.

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What is in the Pack?
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