BUTCHERS (September 2010)

Butchers Food Safety Management System (HACCP based) ©
After months of research and development work SFBB Systems Ltd have launched a brand new food safety management systems for retail butchers. The new pack and its coaching plan has been tested across a number of different butchers’ premises in partnership with Local Authority food safety teams and is now ready to help Safety Management in your business.

The new Butchers Food Safety Management System (HACCP based) © is specifically designed for those retail butchers who have been unable to implement or maintain a ‘classic HACCP / or MLC HACCP’ approach to documented food safety management (I.E policy documents, identity tables, flow charts etc).

Butchers Food Safety Management System (HACCP based) © takes a completely new approach to HACCP for butchers. It is based on the recognised and trusted food safety management principles but covers the key elements of a more formal documented HACCP based system for the butchers sector.

• it focuses specifically on butchers activities and processes – especially vac packs, slicers, chemicals used, cleaning effectively, traceability, animal by products… etc
• it’s clear and purposeful in asking for written detail about current practices and working methods against identified Safety Points (hazards) across its new 27 writen procedure sheets
• it highlights areas for critical control and asks how they are achieved (limits)
• it makes Prove It Records (verification) compulsory across a number of processes with specific tables / plotting graphs for key safe methods
• it has a more specific and involved daily recording routine to follow to ensure monitoring is in place.
• the explanation and terminology in the pack has gone up a gear to reflect the importance of maintaining a strong link to HACCP

The pack is designed for independent retail butchers who prepare and sell raw and cooked meat products as well as those that cure, cook and bake off their own products such as ham, pies, pasties etc. Some butchers are more traditional in the way they prepare and cut meat from carcass; others only buy in primal cuts and have less cutting and trimming; the pack is suitable for all these butchers. It also covers the handling of other foods that some butchers sell such as cheese, eggs, packaged and dried goods.

Butchers Food Safety Management System (HACCP based) © is sold directly to butchers and includes a one to one training / coaching plan to suit the businesses requirements. Ongoing support, as well as downloadable resource and materials is also available to butchers who use the Pack.

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