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Safer Food Better Business Packand Dairy Refills

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) are no longer sending out hard copies of any Safer food, better business documents to businesses within England, all the documents are now only available from their website. These can be found by following the links below for the Diary and the Catering, Retail, Cuisine specific and Childminder packs. The FSA have developed all these in printer friendly versions so you can print them off easily.

Safer Food Better Business PackYou are also now able to type / complete the Safe Method pages online, before printing them off. The website also allows you to save your typed input whilst working your way through the pack which means you do not need to complete all the Cooking, Cleaning, Chilling, Cross-contamination and Management sections in one go. We recommend however that you print off all your completed Safe Method pages and keep a paper copy in a file in your business.

If you require a Diary refill, these are available from the website in 4 week sections. These can be printed off or saved onto your computer to complete as an electronic record. Be aware that if you keep an electronic Diary you need to save each month so that they are readily accessible to staff who are responsible for completing them. They should be easy to access on your computer and in a way that you can easily identify the date e.g. ‘Sfbb Diary 3 Safer food, better business files, including the electronic Diary are accessible for inspection by your Local Authority Food Safety Officer and whenever your food business is trading these files must be readily available on site at all times.

SFBB Systems Ltd can also help you with completing your Safe Methods and training your staff on the use of the Diary. This is normally carried out by one-to-one Coaching at your premises. Please contact us for further information.

Some food businesses may also be required to have an ‘Enhanced Safer food, better business’ pack if the types of food handled in their business are not adequately covered by the existing Safe Methods (e.g. Sushi, Biltong, Event Catering) or if they need a more traditional HACCP approach to food safety management. Please contact us for further information.

Diary Refill

Printer Friendly Catering pack

Printer Friendly Retail pack

Printer Friendly Indian/Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan cuisines pack

Printer Friendly Chinese cuisine pack

Printer Friendly Childminder pack

Printer Friendly Care home pack

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