Initial SFBB project planning with the local team
(usually provided as a free service)
Establishing the scope and nature of the project, budgeting and outline programmes.

Assistance with FSA grant application submissions
Many LA’s find our experience in this process invaluable, as we have been through this many times before and understand the exacting requirements of the FSA.

Assistance in sourcing alternative funding and project partners
As a company we are experiencing the value of a range of different collaborative partnerships in SFBB projects, not only with organisations and sectors of the catering industry and education establishments but also about sources of alternative funding.

Complete project mobilisation and project management of SFBB initiatives
We pride ourselves on what we call a ‘turn key approach’ – this enables us to take the administrative burden and day to day involvement out of your project. Apart from regular communication and scheduled meetings the project will be entirely managed by SFBB Systems Ltd. This will include project monitoring, auditing and performance statistics against targets.

Business contacts and targeting using LA data bases
This is carried out by a dedicated team during normal and out of hour’s periods – using telephone, email, and post. A free phone number is available to all reply businesses. Experience shows that projects where we undertake responsibility for complete project management and business contacts / targeting are even more successful than those that rely on a larger involvement from the local authority team.

Design and delivery of SFBB Workshops / Seminars
Bespoke presentations are provided for each local authority and a range of activities and handouts designed to suit the brief of each project.

Coaching following Workshops
These are normally a 3 hour one to one session at the business premises although they can vary in length, for example, it has proved valuable to offer a follow up 1 hour coaching session in businesses that are struggling to implement SFBB. We also offer a different approach to coaching in the business premises and ensure we fully interact with how the kitchen operates; this includes providing a unique set of coaching handouts that are especially useful for ensuring the Diary is used effectively.

Fast Track Coaching
SFBB systems Ltd piloted this Fast track approach for the first time with 200 businesses in Sussex. Our approach by offering this to businesses who could not commit to the time involved in attending seminars proved very successful. It requires a different coaching style and a very experienced team. It is however a great way of engaging those hard to reach businesses.

Designing sector specific seminars and SFBB packs
Directors have set up and delivered sector specific SFBB seminars and bespoke Safe Methods and Diaries for retailers, schools and child minders. We have worked with the Commercial Services of Cornwall County Council to establish and roll out a unique schools SFBB pack which is now in its successful 2nd year. Working in partnerships with black and ethnic minority charities and interpretation translation companies, such as Sompriti and Sussex Interpreting Services, we can deliver seminars and coaching to different ethnic groups directly linking to the FSA’s Chinese and Indian, Bengali and Sri Lankan Cuisine SFBB packs. We also have experience in Turkish, Thai and Polish businesses.

Local Authority team training
We establish, at the beginning of any project with local authorities, a requirement to work together as a team focused on the same goal. This could include what we call ‘familiarisation training’ as well as including food safety officers in on-the-job coaching training.

Quality control and assurance activities
Directors will deliver all seminars to ensure consistency and establishing valuable links to local authorities and their businesses.

We pride ourselves in then knowledge that we know what our coaching team on the ground are up to. First of all we familiarise the team with each project in a training session and then, as we value our team, we communicate with them on a daily basis while projects are live and quality control each team member on a regular basis. This involves constructive feedback and further opportunities for follow up training if required. We are pleased to say that our team value this approach and look forward to Directors carrying out these routine activities.

All businesses are asked for their feedback at seminars and many are contacted after coaching (depending on LA agreements).

End of Project reporting and report writing We want to show how we have performed at the end of the project and will hand over all relevant statistics and information in a project summary. This will include invaluable information on all contact and intervention activity for businesses in the project.

Where necessary we can assist in final report writing for submission to the FSA.

Mob: 07721 550928 Fax: 0870 0523425 Email: info@sfbbsystemsltd.co.uk